Mapped: London loses 68,000 residents

London lost 68,000 residents last year, as Brits became tired of the Big Smoke. But where are they heading to?

A new map has the answer. The interactive chart of migration patterns across the UK, based on ONS data, documents the residential moves between local authorities and regions in England and Wales, as well as moves to or from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In 2014, a total of 2.85 million people moved throughout the UK, roughly one in 20 people. Analysis of that data was carried out by, revealing that 1 in 4 people who move between the ages of 16 and 19 relocate to either London, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, or Manchester, while 14 per cent of people who move in their 20s move to London. While these tend to be for work related reasons, in their 30s, people move out of the capital, usually heading to Surrey, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent and Hampshire.

The counties with the highest rates of net migration are Essex, Kent, Devon, East Sussex, and West Sussex – these areas saw a lot more people moving in than moving out. These counties are especially popular with ex-Londoners, who account for 30 per cent of people moving into these areas.

At the other end of the scale, London, Birmingham, Bradford, and Manchester were the biggest losers when it came to internal migration, losing 68,634, 5,137 people, 3,336, and 3,076 people respectively.

Those who left London tended to stay around the Home Counties, whereas former residents of Birmingham and Manchester were more likely to seek out suburban areas outside the city centre like Solihull and Trafford.

“Cities with big universities continue to attract vast numbers of students and London has once again proved to be a top destination for graduates and professionals wanting to further their careers. While I don’t see that changing in the future, it’s encouraging to see so many people opting to relocate to smaller, up-and-coming areas across the UK in search for a place to call home,” comments Ben Wilson,’s home insurance spokesperson.

You can see the map here.