All white on the night

One of America's top tourist attractions is the White House in Atlanta, Georgia – yes, that's right – Atlanta – property developer Fred Milani has built a 16,500 square foot exact replica of the President's famous residence, complete with Oval Office, but now he has been forced to put it up for sale following the downturn in the US property market

Ever since its creation seven years ago, the Atlanta White House has been the subject of much controversy amongst residents of the wealthy North Druid Hills district.

The house comes complete with an Oval Office with a replica of George W. Bush's desk and a Lincoln bedroom with a picture of Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation painted onto a wall.

To the rear, the Atlanta White House, which is an exact replica only smaller, has an impressive swimming pool and a sweeping staircase mirroring the original house.

The porch overlooking the 75-car parking lot is called the Truman Balcony, after the original one.

Whilst some of Mr Milani's neighbours loathe the house, calling it excessive and an eyesore, some of them adore being close to something so unusual.

What has riled them most however is the level of interest the creation attracts – hoards of tourists from all over the world flock to see the house and take photos.

The credit crunch has claimed another victim in Mr Milani, who made his fortune building McMansions in a city that once couldn't get enough of them, and he has reluctantly put the mini White House up for sale for just under $10m, a snip compared with the value of the Washington D.C. original.

Mr Milani said, "I still do not want to sell, but I will."

"Really, I am not very political. The architect just asked, ‘How about I build you the White House?' and I said yes. That is the whole story." 

When asked where he will live next, Mr. Milani suggested that he may build the Congress building across the street. (!)

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Picture by ktylerconk