Chinese motorway built around house

Chinese road built around house

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A Chinese couple have seen their house turned into a roundabout after a motorway was built around their property, reports the China Daily .

Duck farmer Luo Baogen and his wife refused to move out of the house because they felt the government compensation for relocating was not high enough. The authority's response was simple: build around them.

Now, the motorway in East China's Zhejiang province stretches from Xiazhangyang village to the Wenling city's railway station, undisturbed save for one slight detour in the middle to avoid the five-storey property. To ensure the residents' safety, builders left one room either side of the home intact.

The rest of the neighbours' homes have been demolished after they agreed to relocate. But for Baogen, the rebuilding costs were simply too high. During the Communist era, the couple would have had no other choice but now it is illegal in China to demolish a home without the owner's permission.

The result is the latest in a string of protests against the "rapid urbanisation" of China's older districts, reports A couple in Zaozhuang recently fought off attempts to destroy their house, leaving their property surrounded by a sea of skyscrapers, stranded in the middle of a building sites. They were eventually cut off from both water and electricity supplies in 2009.

These homeowners making a stubborn stand against authorities are known as "Nail Householders".

As Mr. Baogen and his wife continue their stand, people around the world have voiced their admiration and support on the internet. In the meantime, authorities continue their plans to open the road.

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