The Secret Pension Revolution (what the big boys don’t want you to hear….!)

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Traditional Pension holders are waking up to the fact that the pension industry makes money out of them whether their pension makes them money or not. Could SIPP's (Self Invested Personal Pensions), be the answer to lower costs and higher returns?

The SIPP Zone, to be held at the Property Investor Show at London's Excel 13 th -15 th October, has the answers. There will be seminars and personal consultations about how to hold commercial property to buy-to-let student properties tax efficiently. There will also be a range of Alternative Investments including high yield Farmland, Trees, Green Oil, UK Storage Centres and Gold coins amongst others.

Advice is free and visitors will get a ‘road map' to tell them exactly how to do it with Free entry to the Property Investor Show and the SIPP Zone for those who pre-register and use our promotional code: P143058 when prompted to do so

The SIPP Zone 2011 combines the specialist talents of four different, yet complimentary, companies all eager to connect with visitors to the Property Investor Show in a variety of ways: 

TM SIPP  are looking forward to meet people who want to know how they can dramatically improve their pension prospects; unlocking old and frozen pensions, reclaiming money owed to them and taking greater, more cost effective control themselves. 

Lifestyle SIPP have come to share with visitors the important differences in the type of SIPP's available in the market place – which one is right for you? They are especially keen to meet investors who wish to purchase commercial property through a pension scheme as they have many years' experience in this area.

Food Water & Energy  are available at the show to discuss how their South American farmland investment delivers two harvests a year with returns to investors of between 9% – 14% with substantial guarantees built-in. This is the most successful farmland project on the alternative investment market today with a proven track record of delivering investor returns. 

Green Oil Plantations  will also be in the SIPP Zone and are looking to engage with ethical investors keen to hear about a leading, proven, alternative fuel source derived from plants. The aviation industry, in particular, has recognised that Green Oil is its only solution to replacing petroleum-based fuels in the medium to long term, so future demand appears assured. 

When one considers that the world's population has two main problems; feeding itself and generating fuel/power, it is no wonder that these two well established projects are generating significant interest from investors.


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The SIPP Zone at the Property Investor Show & OPP Live will run from 13-15th October 2011 at Excel London. For more information visit