Brexit: Make your own independent getaway with a private island

With the recent news that a private island off the coast of Scotland is up for sale, we’ve put together a selection of idyllic islands for sale.

Who wouldn’t want a private island? With one of these beauties you could have your very own Brexit to your very own island. Think of the possibilities: you could build where you want to build, put your towel down on any part of your beach and the only referendum needed would be where to watch the sun go down.

1. Berry Islands, Bahamas

Berry islands

Asking Price: £400,158

This piece of land is comprised of Frazier’s Hog Cay and Chub Cay to form the same island as part of the Southern Berry Islands. It’s only 42 miles from Nassau and 130 miles from Florida. The island has an airstrip with an attached admin building, as well as a first class marina, both of which are accessible by dirt road.

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2. Bahamas

Spit Island

Asking Price: ££1,546,830

This island is thought to have been one of the first islands seen by Columbas when he discovered the new world. It has a unique feature: a 500-foot spit of land (pictured) on its northern tip – an ideal location for a small string of luxury beach houses, perhaps?

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3. Bahamas

bahamas island

Asking Price: £2,152,112

This island is close to the international airport and the Club Med resort on nearby San Salvador. There is an excellent build position on a bluff with 360-degree views of the other islands and the deep blue sea. It would be the ideal setting for a showpiece villa with great elevation and a peaceful surround.

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4. Grenada


Asking Price: £2,656,513

White Island has a unique, stunning shape, with a small mountain at one end. The beach is fantastic and the whole island is completely untouched, meaning that a prospective buyer has endless possibilities to develop on it.

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5. St Vincent and Grenadines

St Vincent and Grenadines

Asking Price: £10,088,024
This island is home to a historic whaling station that is no longer in use. It’s one of a dozen tropical, coral fringed islands lying between Grenada and St Vincent. It sits south of the main hurricane paths and enjoys a favourable climate all year round, as well as being a great place to see tropical wildlife both on land and in the ocean.

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6. St Vincent and Grenadines

St Vincent and Grenadines 2

Asking Price: £15,939,077
This island’s name is Petite Mustique. It’s a must see for investors. It has over 70 luxury villas regularly inhabited by their owners and rental guests pay weekly rentals of around $15,000. Petite Mustique benefits from being close to Mustique, which sees many visitors every year, and shares its larger neighbour’s reputation for secluded luxury.

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