Spotlight on Brazil: More medal-worthy hotspots

This month, the world’s eyes turn to Brazil, as it hosts the 2016 Summer Olympics. But there is more to Brazil than just Rio de Janeiro. And so, in honour of the Rio games, is having its own marathon – a month-long tour of Brazil’s lesser known property hotspots.

We conclude our Spotlight on Brazil series with a final sprint around the country to highlight the medal-worthy opportunities away from the Olympic host city.

1. Parnaiba, Piaui – 3 bed villa

Asking Price: £166,000
In 2016, Piaui has pole-vaulted over Rio to become the most popular hotspot in Brazil among overseas buyers. The region accounts for 36 per cent of enquiries about Brazilian property on Located in Parnaiba, this villa boasts three ensuite bedrooms making it an ideal family home or weekend getaway.

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2. Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, Florianopolis – 5 bed beach mansion

Asking Price: £1,146,084
Located in tourist favourite Florianópolis, this magnificent mansion sits right on Brava beach, which is one of the most popular in the country. It features both an indoor and outdoor kitchen, the latter featuring a BBQ and wood burning stove, as well as a games room for use in the unlikely event of rain in this beach-side paradise.

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3. Miramar, Paraiba – Apartment

Asking Price: £348,036
This modern apartment is located in the coastal city of Miramar, full of all the fun and flavour that you’d want from a beach city. The apartment is not far from said beach and also has a stylish communal swimming pool for residents to enjoy.
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4. Mairipora, Sao Paulo – Farmhouse

Asking Price: £192,020
This farmhouse conversion has excellent, modern interiors and a charming conservatory has been incorporated into the building that is laid out on one level. In addition to having plenty of green space, there is a spacious pool area that would be perfect for entertaining and pool parties.
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5. Icapui, Ceara – 3 bed house

Asking Price: £199,035
Located in Ceara, which accounts for 15 per cent of enquiries for Brazil property on, this stunning tropical property has three bedrooms (one of them a suite with bathroom), two bathrooms, large dining room and an upper terrace with sea view.
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6. Alagoas, Brazil – 5 bed house

Asking Price: £210,000
This five bed house is a brand new build, with an ornate pool, modern kitchen and a huge garden this is a piece of tropical paradise in the Brazilian countryside. There’s also a spacious garage attached to the property that will house 2 cars.
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