1 in 4 buyers choose properties based on pubs

Unsure how to pick a dream property? Pop around the corner for a pint. That is what many house-hunters do, judging by a new study, which reveals that one in four Brits choose where to move based on how good the local pubs are.

The survey from Sarah Beeny’s estate agency, Tepilo, gives an insight into the habits of house-hunters across the UK. A good local pub is an important factor for almost a quarter of us (23 per cent), with 35 per cent of 18-24 year olds rating it as one of the top things they look for when buying a home. Those from the East Midlands are most keen on a local tipple, with one in three saying a good local pub is essential when buying a property. 

Location of a property is the most important consideration for buyers in 2015 (65 per cent), followed by number of bedrooms (56 per cent) and size of the garden (41 per cent). Buyers are also tempted by the layout of a property (34 per cent), kitchen-diners (29 per cent) and the convenience of a downstairs loo (19 per cent). 

When considering the location of a property, Brits also rate good transport links as the most important deciding factor (56 per cent). Being close to shops and supermarkets is key for almost half of us (44 per cent), as is a low crime rate (39 per cent).

The average UK home buyer in 2015, meanwhile, has a budget of £205,221, has owned two properties in their lifetime and is most likely to buy a three-bedroom semi in the suburbs with their partner or spouse. Who people buy with varies from region to region, with those from Wales most likely to buy alone (35 per cent), followed by those in the South East (28 per cent) and Yorkshire (27 per cent).

The UK is also a nation that isn’t scared to invest, with almost a third of Brits (32 per cent) having bought a property as an investment, rising to 41 per cent amongst those aged 35-44. Almost half (45 per cent) of buyers who have invested in property bought the home for their children to live in while at university.