20pc of UK electricity generated by green energy

Photo: Statkraft

Data from the Department of Energy and Climate change (DECC) shows that one-fifth of all electricity in Britain was produced by wind farms or other green technologies. Indeed, a rise in the number of wind farms helped to drive up eco electricity generation to 19.4 per cent of all energy between January and March 2014.

The percentage is a significant improvement from the same period one year ago, when green technology was responsible for just 12 per cent of power. Indeed, it was enough to run roughly 15 million homes during the first three months of the year, with 12 per cent provided by the wind sector – a step that has been hailed as a major breakthrough for the technology.

Indeed, last year, just 5.2 per cent of energy consumption, including heat and transport, was generated by green sources, according to Greenwise Business , far short of the government’s target of 15 per cent by 2020.

“Every percentage point increase in homegrown renewable energy makes us that much more energy secure. The progress in electricity is encouraging, but growth is not yet strong enough in renewable heat and transport to meet the government’s objectives,” comments Nina Skorupska, chief executive of the Renewable Energy Association.

As the sector continues to grow, so too does demand from investors, keen to embrace the potential profits from an industry on the up. Indeed, predictions from manufacturers earlier this year said that sales of solar panels were set to soar in the coming 12 months.