3 Best Places to Move to Enjoy a “Warm” Winter

As winter approaches, many homeowners start to wish that they lived in warmer climates. If you can afford the snow bird lifestyle, consider moving to one of these warm winter destinations. They’ll help you wait out the snow so you never have to feel winter’s chill again.

San Diego, California

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A winter night in San Diego feels like a fall afternoon in New York City. During December, temperatures can drop to 48 degrees , but the daytime sun usually lifts the temperature into the mid-60s. As winter slowly progresses into spring, the low temperatures get higher while the high temperatures hover in the mid-60s, similar to how the temperatures in the winter.

San Diego’s warm weather has an influence on the way that locals live. Many popular attractions are open all year long, and they get plenty of visitors. Some attractions to visit while living in San Diego include:

•    Balboa Park , where you’ll find the San Diego Zoo, botanical gardens, and numerous museums
•    Belmont Park , a beachfront amusement park with a carnival atmosphere
•    The Gaslamp Quarter
•    Beaches – especially Pacific Beach and Tourmaline Surfing Park
•    Old Point Loma Lighthouse , where you’ll get the area’s best view

San Diego also has a great bar scene with plenty of local breweries. A local stout will add warmth to occasional nights that feel a little chilly.

Miami, Florida

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If San Diego’s nights seem too cold for you, head to the other side of the United States to enjoy Miami’s year-round warmth. The temperature in Miami rarely falls below 60 degrees, even in the middle of January. You can expect daytime highs to reach the mid-70s all winter.

Miami’s warm climate makes it possible for residents to stay outdoors throughout the year. That has created a vibrant beach culture that attracts hedonists and health enthusiasts alike.

While living in Miami, you have to take time to visit some of the city’s best attractions, including:

•    South Pointe Park
•    Little Havana , where you’ll find Cuban restaurants, bars, and plenty of shops
•    Fruit and Spice Park , a 37-acre park that grows over 500 types of herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and other useful plants (you can’t do that with snow on the ground!)
•    Viscaya Museum and Gardens

Miami is a culturally diverse city where anyone can feel welcome. Whether you’re young or old, rich or just-getting-by, you can find a community in Miami that makes you feel like you’re at home. That makes it a popular winter destination for snow birds all over the country. Before heading to Miami, it’s best to plan where you’re going to visit. Use www.satelliteinternet.net to find a reliable Internet provider, then plan away!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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San Juan will feel like paradise to anyone who wants to escape winter temperatures. The only ice you’ll find in Puerto Rico sits at the bottom of your freshly mixed beverage.

Winter temperatures in San Juan usually fall between 72 and 83 degrees. It’s hard to find a place with nicer weather than that. Plus, you don’t have to worry about heavy storms since hurricane season ends on November 30th, which is probably around the same time that you start packing your bags for your winter retreat.

Since Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, U.S. residents won’t need their passports, even for extended stays. That’s great for anyone who wants to spend the summer surrounded by sandy beaches, palm trees, and plenty of warm sunshine.

You’ll also have plenty of activities to keep you busy during your winter in Puerto Rico. Some of the best places to visit include:

•    Old San Juan, where you can see Spanish-style buildings built in the 16th and 17th centuries
•    Palomino Island
•    San Juan Cemetery

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with kicking your feet up and just enjoying the ocean view.

These are just three of the most impressive places for people who want to seek refuge in warm climates during the winter. What are some of your favorite escapes? How do you think they compare to the ones listed here?

Author Bio:

Matthew Thompson is a freelance writer who loves to travel. He edits The Louisville Lip and The Written Craft .