35,000 face loss of home by Christmas, says Shelter

About 35,000 Britons – one every two minutes – face the loss of their home in the run-up to Christmas after falling behind on mortgage repayments or as a result of rent arrears, according to Shelter.

The homelessness charity said 630 people a day will receive a letter threatening the loss of their home between now and 25 December due to repossession or rent increases, landlords selling their properties and sub-standard housing conditions.

Shelter's research indicates that 61% of people who have experienced homelessness, or the threat of homelessness, said it directly led to a stress-related illness, while 70% said they spent most of their time worrying about it.

The research also shows that most people rank being threatened with homelessness as worse than being burgled, assaulted, or having to fight a custody battle for children.

Source: Guardian.co.uk