5 more popular Brazil property destinations


After counting down the most popular property destinations in Brazil , TheMoveChannel.com continues to take a closer look at the South American country's real estate hotspots.

What makes Rio tick? Have you heard of Florianopolis? And where do investors go if they're not joining the masses of buyers in the North East?

Here are 5 more popular Brazil property destinations:

Santa Catarina

It takes a lot to attract investors away from the hub of Rio Grande do Norte, and Santa Catarina has it in spades. The southern state boasts 349 miles of stunning coast, a sandy stretch that includes surfers' paradise Garopaba and the buzzing beaches of Florianopolis – the biggest resort in the South of the country.

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State of Rio de Janeiro

Home to the city of the same name, the state of Rio de Janeiro boasts a booming economy. Combined with the third longest coastline in the country and the legendary annual Carnaval, it is no surprise the state is one of Brazil's most populated areas. But all that achieved by the smallest state in the country? Now that is amazing.

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The largest city on the north-east coast of Brazil, Salvador is the centre of the state of Bahia. Its partying lifestyle, easygoing locals, tropical climate and stunning beaches have drawn in tourists for years, while its busy ports and trade attract many overseas investors. Together, they add up to an unrivalled international appeal. No wonder its nickname is "the capital of happiness".

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One of the largest cities in Santa Catarina, Florianopolis is a bubbling mix of beaches, beautiful landscapes, lip-smacking cuisine and Brazilian history that earned the city the title of "best place to live in Brazil". Indeed, over the years its high quality of life has drawn more and more tourists and holiday home hunters from all over the world.

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Situated next to Paraiba and Ceara, Pernambuco is nestled among Brazil's most popular property hotspots in the thriving North East. Boasting over 115 miles of beaches and an extremely fertile coastal area, the region's sugar cane plantations and forests add to the landscape's natural beauty, while its proximity to the Equator guarantees hundreds of hours of sunshine every year.

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