5 of Brazil’s most sought-after property destinations

From the smallest city to the prettiest island, Brazil has lots of hidden secrets and unknown hotspots. After analysing the number of enquiries for each place in Brazil over the last 12 months, here are 5 of the most sought-after Brazilian real estate destinations:


Located 30 minutes west of Fortaleza, Cumbuco is as dazzling as Brazil’s beaches get, while the local bars serve up the freshest catches from the deep blue sea. The charming combination makes it a popular hotspot for wealthy buyers of large villas, but newer developments, including the area’s first golf course, have helped boost the property market into the eyeline of many overseas investors.

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Located around the coast line from Rio Grande do Norte, the state of Maranhao is significantly less developed. Amazonian forests contrast nicely with the long stretches of empty beaches, which are protected for ecological reasons. But this same fact makes the spotless shoreline a stunning backdrop for locals happy to be away from the bustling cities of Natal and Rio de Janeiro.

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Sao Paulo

It may not be Brazil’s capital, but Sao Paulo is the largest city in the country. In fact, it’s the largest city in the southern hemisphere. Highly populated and boasting financial and political, as well as cultural, influence, its historical monuments, natural parks and year-round festivals make it popular with overseas visitors, but the lifestyle, cuisine and beautiful surroundings make it equally popular with those looking to stay for longer.

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Hotels, clubs and restaurants line the shoreline of Jurere. The southern Brazil resort is a huge hotspot for visitors, with the gorgeous landscape of Santa Catarina island drawing in both Brazilian and Argentinean tourists. But the nearby housing market, located near to Florianopolis, is also one of the most expensive real estate areas in the country.

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The smallest of the Brazilian states, Sergipe is located on the Atlantic coastline. Bordering Alagoas and Bahia, it is known for its cities of São Cristóvão and Xingó Canyon. Cristóvão   is famed as one of the oldest towns in the country, while Xingó’s unique natural landscapes and rock formations are incredible to behold. Together, they form a big draw for overseas tourists, local visitors and smart investors.

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