5 property destinations worth taking a look at in Turkey

When it comes to real estate in Turkey, Istanbul is the investment hotspot of choice. But while businesses relocate there for the booming economy, investors eye up rental property in demand from the student population and lifestyle buyers line up to live in Turkey’s most famous city, the country has more to offer in many other locations, some of them even within Istanbul’s own province.

Here are 5 property destinations that are worth taking a look at:



Located within the province of Istanbul, Beyoglu is a district located on the European side of Turkey. It is a popular place for tourists and foreign home buyers, who are attracted by the range of schools, dynamic mix of cultures and nationalities and active nightlife, which is reputedly the liveliest in Istanbul.

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Calis beach is right next to the famous town of Fethiye. Its huge stretch of spotless sand and wide mix of watersport activies make it a buzzing hotspot for visitors, drawn by the affordable entertainment and accommodation, as well as the picturesque landscape. The population peaks int he summer, when the balmy sun shines on buyers, renters and buy-to-let investors alike.

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A district in the suburbs of Istanbul, Büyükçekmece sits on the coast of the Sea of Marmara. Investment from overseas buyers or holidaymakers tends to focus away from the main city itself, although the centre retains the traditional charm of Turkish tea gardens and pretty beaches.

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Located on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, Gulluck is a quiet fishing port that remains largely unspoilt by tourists and large developments. Rather, it boasts a traditional charm in the way of supermarkets and bars, local shops and fish restaurants.

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Located in the popular Antalya province, Mahmutlar is a town that has become an increasingly high-profile destination for holiday homes and apartments. Attracted to its stunning natural beaches and gorgeous sea, the seasonal rush of tourists and international residents sees the town’s population quadruple in size every summer.

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