5 Turkey property destinations no one told you about

Turkey property hotspots

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So, you're a Turkish property investor, huh? You think you know all the places to go pick up the most succulent pieces of Turkey? Think again.

In ranking the most popular hotspots in the country in order of enquiries from international buyers, TheMoveChannel.com unearthed several hidden gems, the kind of hotspots that go unspoilt for years as holiday home buyers enjoy the dream of their place in the sun for real.

Here are the five property destinations in Turkey no one told you about:


One of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, Fethiye welcomes thousands of visitors every year. British holidaymakers are the big players here, drawn by the welcoming locals and natural beauty. In fact, they love it so much that several thousand live there permanently.

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Ok, so that wasn't exactly a top secret hotspot. But the other four on this list are. I promise.


Aydin province

The Aydin province of Turkey is home to several popular property destinations. Top of the list are the seaside resorts of Didim and Kusadasi. Both boast beautiful beaches that fill up during the summer, while Didim's temple of Apollo attracts history and culture lovers. Combined, they sum up Turkey's appeal to overseas house hunters: Aydin may rely on figs for its traditional economy, but international tourism is even more important.

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Yes, we admit it. That was one you've heard of before. But try this next one on for size…



Yalikavak has always been a destination of choice for the more discerning Turkish property buyer. The hills around the coastal town offer stunning views of the Mugla province and the Mediterranean shore, while the blue flag beaches and fishing port drive the local economy. No wonder it has been inhabited since 2 million BC.

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Right, yes. You have us again. This one is hardly a secret either. But we bet you don't know this one…



Located in the Mugla province, on the Aegean coast, Bodrum is another of Turkey's biggest tourist hotspots. From the beautiful port (Paradise Bay) to the ancient Mausoleum, ranked one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, the seaside town is as idyllic as it gets.

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Fooled you. Didn't we? We didn't? Ok, fine. Well, maybe you haven't heard of this one…



Located between Kas and Fethiye, Kalkan is famous for its traditional white=-washed houses, which line the village all the way down to the sea. An important harbour town in years gone by, this romantic Mediterranean hotspot now opens its bay for British tourists every year, with UK property investors dominating the market.

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Well, there you have it. Five unheard-of destinations that you've heard of. Why? Because Turkish property is so popular among overseas buyers that there's no such thing as hidden real estate gems: the country has attracted so many investors as its economy and tourism industry grows that everyone's talking about it.