60 Second Interview: Robin Haynes, Currency Index

    Currency exchange rates can often be a vitally part of the property purchase process, and Robin haynes of Curency Index explains why…

    1. What does it say on your business card?

    Managing Director, having founded Currency Index with 3 colleagues back in 2008.

    2. What does your role involve?

    Keeping Currency Index running smoothly, getting our brand out there and making people aware of the great service & rates available both for clients and referring agents. And of course working with the team, our clients and agents every day to improve what we do and find new ways of bringing in business.

    3. How has currency exchange changed over the past 12 months?

    We operate in a competitive market which is increasingly maturing but as more people become aware of currency brokers as a safe and cost-effective alternative to the banks, there are always new clients out there who can take advantage of our service – whether they are businesses importing/exporting, individuals buying overseas property or emigrating, expat workers sending income back to the UK, couples getting married abroad… there will always be a need for currency transfers.

    4. What impact has the current eurozone crisis had on foreign exchange?

    People have been concerned, but that's been outweighed by the cheaper Euro which, combined with falling prices, has made buying holiday homes in Europe perhaps more affordable than ever before. For businesses sending payments abroad they are usually settling invoices and would probably say it's not their problem!

    5. What should people watch out for when sending money overseas?

    Poor exchange rates, slow bank service and high charges – all can be avoided by using a currency broker. Also, lack of planning can lead to panic buying at the last minute – again, this can easily be avoided by looking at currency requirements early in the process.

    6. What make Currency Index different to other FX brokers?

    Our unbeatable service levels, as recognised by our OPP Award, and the way we engage with agents who refer clients to us – I don't believe any other broker goes as far as us to add value to their partners' businesses. Our medium size in the marketplace allows us to offer the very best personal service associated with smaller companies, but combined with the rates and processing power of larger competitors.

    For more information and advice on currency transfers contact Currency Index today on 0800 043 2623 or visit www.currencyindex.co.uk .