80 Cent ‘typo’ almost cost man home

Didn't think you could lose your home over a mere 80 cents? Think again.

A simple typo — accidentally entering "615.02" instead of "615.82" when paying off his mortgage via telephone — almost cost Tom Mudie his home.

Granted, Mudie was paying off his second trial-mortgage payment after being approved for a mortgage modification program, The Tampa Tribune reports. As part of the program, Bank of America had lowered Mudie's monthly payment by nearly $200 and to protect his home from foreclosure, all Mudie had to do was make the new payments on time for three months.

But one simple error — pressing "0" on a keypad instead of an "8," which amounted to an 80 cent error — caused him to unknowingly violate his modification contract and consequently get booted from the program.

Source: RealEstate.AOL.com