Belize Reserve in Cayo District: plots selling fast

Belizean land is greatly undervalued in comparison to many other Central American countries such as Honduras or Nicaragua and tourism figures have risen by 24 per cent since 2002. One development that is selling fast is the carbon neutral Belize Reserve.

Belize is a small Central American country. It is home to a long Caribbean coast that boasts the world's second largest barrier reef, and lush tropical rainforest. Belize has a host of delights on offer; it is rich in wildlife and has a large concentration of Mayan ruins.

Formerly known as British Honduras, Belize was granted independence from the British in 1981, because of this the country's legal and parliamentary systems are based on British practices. It also makes it the only Central American country adopting English as its first language.

The Belize Reserve offers a unique opportunity to invest in a 100 per cent carbon neutral eco-resort in the beautiful rainforests of Belize's Cayo district, just 15 minutes from town of San Ignacio and 25 minutes from the capital.

The below value land plots will be situated around a 20-30 unit boutique hotel as well as 350 ½ acre plots that are available for development. Land plots are ½ an acre (~2,000m2) in size and cost £24,950. For a limited number of properties the developer has agreed to offer interest free 50 per cent finance over five years.

With all of the above features on offer and one of the worlds best retirement packages meaning that you can take over your car and belongings duty free and pay no income tax on any income sourced outside or inside Belize, it is no wonder that Belize has a growing demand for homes from the American baby boom generation.

For those wishing to build on the plot the developer is offering the construction of the property at cost price which will equate to a price from £34,950 dependant on size and design. There are currently three different house designs available, however more will be designed as the development evolves to ensure a diverse community.

The reserve has been awarded an ‘excellent' Kite mark from and plans to be a self sufficient community.

The house designs are completely ecologically friendly in the way that they are built; using primarily locally sourced wood; with solar power providing hot water and electricity and the sewerage system utilises anaerobic bacteria which is not only environmentally friendly but requires no electricity.

The ongoing running and maintenance costs should therefore be very minimal.

Caron Lockwood, Product Manager at Property Frontiers, said, "Designs for the 100 per cent carbon neutral Belize Reserve have moved a step closer to being finalized and offer the perfect blend of ‘outdoor – indoor' living.

"The construction of the first show homes is set to begin shortly and with prices increasing to £30,000 next month plots are selling fast," Ms Lockwood added.

 1/2 Acre Land Plots Available from £24,950, with a one bedroom villa in 1/2 acre plot from £60,000, two bedroom villa in 1/2 acre plot from £70,000 and three bedroom villa in 1/2 acre plot from £85,000.

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