Brexit sparks boom in British jobseekers looking overseas

More Britons are looking for jobs overseas in the wake of the country’s vote to leave the European Union.

The immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote saw a significant spike in interest in work overseas among British jobseekers. That initial spike had since slowed down, but now, job website Indeed reveals that the number of job-hunters looking abroad is climbing back to levels not seen since the EU referendum’s result.

In the 100 days since the vote, British searches for jobs in Ireland are up 20 per cent, says Indeed. It comes after Sterling plummeted to its lowest level against the single currency in five years on Friday.

The biggest beneficiary of UK jobseekers’ wanderlust is Ireland, with British searches for Irish jobs during the 100 days after the referendum averaging 20 per cent higher than in the weeks before the poll. Britons are also looking for work in Australia, with searches up 13 per cent in the 100 days following the rerendum, with steady increases also occuring for jobs in Canada, Germany and the EU as a whole. British interest in French opportunities, thuogh, has fallen by 6 per cent.

“As the dust settled on the result, many expected that Britons’ desire to work abroad would cool. Yet our research reveals that the number of searches for overseas jobs remains high,” says Mariano Mamertino, EMEA Economist at the global job site. “The UK economy has proved resilient in the first few months since the poll, with consumer confidence remaining high and the number of people in work barely changing. But a deterioration in the hiring appetite of employers – coupled with increasing talk of a Hard Brexit – and returning uncertainty over what that might mean, is now prompting many Britons who had been thinking of working overseas to job hunt in earnest.”