Business booms on Brazil’s domestic property market

A total of 9.1 million families plan to buy real estate in Brazil over the next 12 months which is a huge increase since the Minha Casa Minha Vida (My House, My Life) program was introduced in 2009.

A recent survey carried out by the Data Popular Institute has found that 9.1 million Brazilian families intend to buy a property in Brazil over the next year. This purchase would allow them to leave rental accommodation and become property owners.

The subsidies and benefits included in the social housing program Minha Casa Minha Vida mean that buying instead of renting is an increasingly popular option. Minha Casa Minha Vida offers reduced mortgage interest rates to qualifying families so monthly mortgage payments are invariably cheaper than rent.

The number of potential buyers of Brazilian real estate has increased dramatically since Minha Casa Minha Vida first made its appearance in 2009. Less than two years ago, 4.2 million families had serious plans to buy property, a figure that is now more than twice as high. This massive hike is due to several factors such as the increase in salaries, wider availability of credit and better education, all part of the bigger picture of a booming Brazilian economy. 

Source: Merco Press