Buy your own slice of paradise in the Maldives

'People who have made a packet out of property have generally invested in prime city locations such as Mayfair or Manhattan,” says Sonu Shivdasani, chairman and CEO of the Six Senses group. “Buying in the Maldives is more like buying a yacht. It is a lifestyle choice.”

To which one can only say: “Some yacht. Some lifestyle.”

The beautiful Indian Ocean islands – more than 1,000 in all, although only 200 are inhabited – have become a byword for luxury hideaways in pristine surroundings. If Barbados is where celebrities go to party, the Maldives is where they go to get away from it all. Most of the islands are so tiny you can walk around them in less than an hour.

Foreigners used to be debarred from buying residential property in the Maldives, but the government relaxed the restrictions recently to encourage outside investment, and Six Senses is one of the first to take advantage.