Canadians crave Dominican Republic property

Canadians are increasingly craving property in the Dominican Republic, according to local agents.

Driven by the cold weather to seek warmer climes, many North Americans are turning to the island country for two-week jaunts or, Edmunton-based DR Properties reveals, for a permanent stay.

Most of the buyers looking at the real estate listings in the Dominican Republic will never live there full time, and continue to work in Canada or the US until retirement, explains DR Properties.

But with rental programs so owners can earn income from fully managed properties with full administration services (bill payments, maintenance, housekeeping, and garden/pool service), the chance to say no to the snow is tempting.

Indeed, the Dominican Republic is the most popular holiday destination in the Caribbean and offers all the amenities Canadians are used to with the added bonus of 1000 miles of pristine coastline, year-round fishing, golfing, swimming, diving and sailing.

The North Coast is the main area of choice for the Canadians, continues the agent, with mild weather, temperatures averaging 28 degrees Celsius, and little to no chance of hurricanes adding to a developed expat infrastructure of restaurants, hospitals, internet, banking, shopping, and social activities.

"Our properties in the Dominican Republic have so much to offer those looking for a warm, outdoor lifestyle," comments owner and realtor Colleen Valerio. "Whether clients want a property for two weeks of the year or want to permanently relocate, we will find the property of their dreams."

Saying no to the snow?

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