Iconic Cannes hotel reveals tricks of the trade

After striking poses on the red carpet, giving interviews, attending long ceremonies and parties, celebrities heads to Cannes’ best addresses to relax and wind down.

But what it is like to work in one of those hotels?

Euronews sent reporter Nezahat Sevim to visit one of them: the iconic Hotel Barriere Le Majestic.

“We have lots of extra workers so that the biggest part of my concentration is to select representatives – young men, young ladies…” explains Head Concierge Roger Bastoni. “It’s a waiting game, but they have to be quick to react.”

“We almost have a party every night on the beach, so we need some extra human resources to host and serve at events,” agrees General Manager Pierre-Louis Renou, who explains the preparations and economic factors involved in the festival.

But not all things go smoothly – and not all guests have normal requests.
Bastoni spills the secrets of hosting one particular male star, who demanded the same cuff-links, a shirt, a suit and a watch to be ordered from the same local shop three days in a row, because he never wear any clothes more than once…

Watch the full interview above.