Caribbean Beach Bargains in the Dominican Republic

Columbus landed in the Dominican Republic in 1492—the same year he “discovered” some of the other Caribbean islands.

Like those other islands, the “DR” is ringed by white sand beaches and coconut palms. Unspoiled towns boast stone churches and candy-colored home facades. But, according to real estate expert Margaret Summerfield, that’s where the similarities end. Because unlike so many nearby dollops of sand, the

Dominican Republic still offers very low property prices… a reasonable cost of living… and, in the beachfront community of Las Terrenas in particular, the chance to enjoy an old world Caribbean lifestyle for pennies on the dollar.

I’m at International Living’s only U.S. event of the year: Our Live and Invest Overseas Conference 2011. Thanks to my front-row seat, I’m able to report back about exactly where—and how—you could live a laid-back, luxurious lifestyle…no matter how small your budget…