Caribbean sun is available to all in Antigua

From the top of Shirley Heights on the beautiful island of Antigua, we cast our gaze to one side and marvelled at the enormity of Simon Cowell’s private yacht, dominating Falmouth Harbour.

And a glance in the opposite direction from our vantage point revealed a large estate covering an entire peninsula, owned by Eric Clapton. Oh yes, and a little further inland, there was Whitney Houston’s house, hugging the hillside.

With all these celebrities choosing to make this Caribbean idyll their playground, I was a bit worried that everything would cost mega-bucks. But fortunately you don’t have to be a music mogul with a bulging wallet to visit.

One of the best and simplest attractions of Antigua is that all the beaches are open to the public – no fencing off of great swathes of shoreline to stop the hoi-polloi from mixing with the platinum credit-card holders here, as you get in many luxury destinations.