Carnival gets Brazil economy in the spirit

All eyes are on Rio de Janeiro at the start of this week with tourists eager to experience one of the most spectacular shows on the planet, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

Bustling not only with foreign travellers from every corner of the globe, an increasingly large number of Brazilian holiday makers will be in attendance determined to enjoy the greatest street party on earth. Domestic tourism has more than doubled since 2004, according to the Ministry of Tourism, and is considered to be having one of the biggest positive impacts on the nation's thriving economy.

Since 2003, more than 30 million people have managed to pull themselves out of poverty in Brazil and with more disposable income, the direct effect on levels of internal travel has been dramatic. In fact, Brazil's Ministry of Tourism identified that the number of Brazilian passengers landing at the country's airports reached almost 69 million in 2010, an increase of 18% on 2009. This is the largest upturn ever experienced.

Dean Thomas Managing Director of the developer of Palm Springs Natal, a land investment opportunity that includes traditional ostrich farmland and freehold land plots set over 100 acres of beachfront real estate, comments:

"Whilst there has been well documented and considerable growth in international booking enquiries to the nation during the last quarter according to with Brazil set to become one of the most popular long-haul destinations, it is in fact domestic tourism that is fuelling economic growth. In support of this, the Union of Hotels, Bars and Restaurants in Rio, has identified that the current average occupancy rate is estimated to reach around 98%. At present, domestic tourists represent 68% of reservations while international visitors represent just 32%."

According to a recent survey from the Ministry of Tourism, 66.2% of Brazilians wish to tour national destinations in Brazil, with the majority of respondents wanting to travel to North Eastern locations first such as the 'City of the Sun', Natal, a regional economic hub and an already established tourist destination both domestically and internationally.

 Given that both Brazil's domestic and international tourism sector are flourishing, Brazil as an investment destination presents one of the most exciting opportunities available today.

Getting into the festival spirit?

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