Celebrity Homes: Angelina reportedly buys Brad heart-shaped island

Photo credit:   Private Islands Online

That is the motto Angelina Jolie lived by when she reportedly snapped up Petra Island for hubby Brad Pitt. The island, which is located 50 miles from New York, went up for sale at the end of last year. But, remarkably, its heart shape is not the most amazing thing about it: the island is home to a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The legendary architect’s three-bedroom mansion was designed in the 1950s for an engineer who owned the island, only for him to stop the project due to a lack of funds. Forty years later, after he had passed away, someone else bought the estate and completed the development. The finished building boasts six fireplaces, a helipad, and panoramic views of Petra Island from the triangle of mahogany decks around the outside of the property.

Lloyd Wright’s property was the attraction for Angelina, who allegedly jumped at the chance to buy Brad a home by his favourite architect, reports The Daily Mail and several other outlets.