Celebrity Homes: Is Will Smith selling his house?

All photos: Architectural Digest (via Curbed.com)

The unconfirmed reports from one source say that the Hollywood star couple are quietly floating their estate in the Santa Monica Mountains in the hope of finding a buyer. They may need to shop a little louder, though: the asking price for the home is a staggering $42 million.

The rumours follow recent comments from Jada Pinkett Smith, responding to yet more rumours that the couple enjoy an “ open relationship ”.

The couple’s home was featured in a 2011 issue of Architectural Digest – and little wonder. The property took four years to build and spans over 150 acres, including a 25,000 square-foot mansion. From the copious car parking spaces to the bespoke canopy in the bedroom made up of tiny ball chains, it is a property that has had money and love lavished upon it. How many homes do you know, celebrity or otherwise, that include a “retractable skylight”?

The home also includes a man-made lake – complete with tiny island – a volleyball court, tennis court and basketball court and, of course, a private recording studio, where Willow Smith recorded best-selling single Whip My Hair back in 2010.

The news also follows reports that Will Smith’s Hawaiian hideaway, which spans an equally impressive seven acres, was privately sold off-market to a Russian billionaire for $20 million.

“Although our informant a hardcore mover and shaker in the real estate game and has provided us with eerily accurate top secret intel many times in the past, Your Mama can’t currently vouch for the accuracy of this particular chewy morsel,” notes RealEstalker .

The rumour itself may or may not be true, but it bears repeating – if only to take a look at the home itself. The Smiths’ epic estate is astonishing. And that is a fact.