Celebrity Homes: Rent Michael Douglas’ home for $28,000 a month

Michael Douglas and Catherina Zeta-Jones house

You can do a lot with $28,000. You could buy 28,000 $1 sweets. Or a car . Or a rental property investment. Alternatively, you could rent a property yourself: Michael Douglas and Catherina Zeta-Jones' house, no less .

Yes, the Hollywood couple have listed their Bermuda villa on the rental market. The Oscar winners lived there between 2002 and 2009. The luxury pad spans 3 acres, complete with 7,381 sq ft house plus a guest cottage, a tennis court and a gated pool.

The guest cottage itself has its own open kitchen and living area, plus a bath and two bedrooms, and the main house boasts four bedrooms and four full baths.

But while the "spacious lawns" and "fruit grove" and "herb gardens" may attract the down-to-earth celebrity home aficionado, the listing's most impressive feature is a "'secret' garden with hot tub".

The pair purchased the property back in 2001 as a nod to Douglas' mother, whose family has lived in Bermuda for several centuries.

"We felt it was important that Dylan have a base, be able to grow up with lots of cousins his age," Zeta-Jones told Architectural Digest at the time.

"Catherine's family descended from Wales last Christmas and fell in love," added Douglas. "Now we're getting the Welsh coming to live in Bermuda, too."

"We love our guests having separate walls," Douglas said of the guest house, "and not just room walls-but quarters that are fully self-contained. We designed it so that when the big house is done, we can do a lot of our entertaining here. If we want to go to bed, our guests can party in the balmy air all night long."

Douglas and Zeta-Jones paid $2.5 million for the place then. Now, they are hoping to make their money back by becoming the latest celebrity homeowners to rent out their estate. At that price tag, it will only take 7.5 years.

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