Celebrity Property News: Oscar Wilde house up for sale

Oscar Wilde's old house is up for sale. The property, located in Chelsea, was home to legendary author for over 11 years.

According to the listing , the one bedroom flat has been "beautifully refurbished" since Wilde's heyday, but the extravagant man's abode is no less grand, boasting an "elegant reception room with high ceilings".

Wilde lived there from 1884 to 1895, penning several of his works on the premises. The asking price? A staggering £1.15 million. That may seem excessive for a one-bedroom apartment that spans 609 square feet and no real amenities to speak of, but Savills highlight that the bedroom was all Wilde needed to find most of his creative inspiration – it originally functioned as his library.

The house hit the market this week. With overseas investors still pouring into the capital and prime London property popular with wealthy buyers, Oscar's old house is a chance to own a piece of colourful literary history – a reminder, if you will, of the importance of house hunters being earnest.

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