Chelsea gives Barbados tourism a kick

Chelsea are set to give Barbados tourism a bit of a kick this year, as the football club launch a new scheme allowing youngsters in the Caribbean to train with their players.

The Premier League team's Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, which already takes place in countries as wide-reaching as North America and Hong Kong, will see 200 young people from Barbados learn from the professionals in a two-week session that takes place in August.

Speaking at the launch of the project, the country's Minister of Tourism said he hoped the relationship would help both the country's footballing youth and its economy:

"It is a wonderful accomplishment for Barbados. We entered into a relationship with the Chelsea Football Club purely from the promotional/marketing point of view and we have certainly gotten quite a bit out of that relationship," he told the Barbados Advocate .

"We felt that with this natural relationship that we have, that we should look to see how best we can fit in with their outreach programme, and so I think that it is great that we will have Chelsea footballers here for the Summer Sports Camp."