Construction down in Spain and Italy

Production in the Spanish construction sector registered a decline of 11.5% in January over the same month last year, higher than the fall of 1% experienced in the EU in January, according to figures provided by the EU statistical office Eurostat.

According to the comparison statistics drawn up in Brussels, production in the construction sector of the eurozone fell only 1.4% in January year-on-year, while in the whole of the EU the decline was limited to 1%.

According to the Eurostat figures, construction decreased in nine EU countries and increased in six. Specifically, Spain recorded the third largest drop in the construction sector, after Portugal (11.9%) and Slovenia (19.7%), in annual terms.

On the opposite end, the highest increases in construction were registered in Poland (34.2%), Romania (14.9%) and Sweden (7.3%).

Building construction registered a decrease of 0.9% in the eurozone and contracted by 0.8% in the EU-27, while civil engineering suffered setbacks of 1.7% and 1.4%, respectively.

El Mundo reported that in monthly terms, the construction output in the eurozone declined by 0.8% in January compared with December, while in the EU-27 it fell by 4.1%.

Of the EU member states for which data are available, construction output rose in eight and decreased in seven. Spain recorded a decline in construction of 3.5% in January compared to December 2011.

The largest monthly declines were registered in the Czech Republic (20.1%), United Kingdom (13.8%) and Italy (7.8%), while the largest increases were recorded for Slovenia (17.4%), Germany (4.3%) and Portugal (2.5%).

Source: Kyero