Crowd-funding campaign to buy Tom Ford’s $75m ranch fails

This month, Tom Ford listed his breathtaking New Mexico ranch on the market. Designed by Tadao Ando and covering 20,00 acres, it’s a beauty. It’s so beautiful, in fact, that the fashion designer-turned-movie-director’s estate even includes an old west town that has been used as a set in movies such as All The Pretty Horses and Wild Wild West.

Just look at it. Who wouldn’t want to own a piece of the Cerro Pelon Ranch, located in Santa Fe’s Galisteo Basin?

Tom Ford ranch 2

It turns out, a lot of people. Because as soon as the home hit the market, someone came up with a way to afford the home: crowd-fund it. Launching a campaign on Indiegogo, Ben Gold decided to offer backers “the once in a lifetime chance to claim the perk of a one week (or more) stay at this magical property”.

“We’re unlocking one of the world’s most beautiful (and most expensive) pieces of real estate and creating the opportunity for hundreds of people to stay at this Tom Ford & Tadao Ando-designed, 22k acre ranch currently for sale in New Mexico,” he explained.

The price to donate to the crowdfuding scheme? $97,000. With 780 people needed to raise the amount, that would give you one week’s stay in the home, with all donaters taking 15 years to work through their seven-day visit. What happens once those 15 years are up? It’s anybody’s guess, as nobody will own the home. But that doesn’t look like it will be a problem, because nobody has donated anywyay.

On the plus side, the photos of the estate are online, courtesy of the Kevin Bobolsky Group, along with this video, which we can all enjoy for free.