Curb app-eal: People officially in love with house-hunting online

Pokemon Go may be all the rage in the mobile phone market, but while kids rush around the streets hoping to snatch a Snorlax or pick up a Pikachu, adults are just as likely to be glued to their mobile devices – not hunting for Pokemon, but hunting for property.

New figures from Google confirms that people officially love looking at real estate online, with house-hunting bordering on a hobby. The search engine says that in the US, people spend an average of 55 minutes per visit on property apps.

The data is based on a thousand interviews, lots of surveys and “many hours of behavioural tracking”, reports AZ Central, which was present at the recent Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco to hear the report presented.

“Customers roll over in the morning and start looking at real estate listings (on their phone),” announced John Thornton, a partner in Google’s real estate business.

69 per cent of people said that shopping for real estate on their phone was “fun”, Thornton revealed.

People begin searching for homes online as early as three years before their actually purchase a pad, on average. They enjoy that process so much that 64 per cent still keep checking out homes on the web after they’ve bought a property – indeed, property browsing has become such a common pastime that now just one in five people on property apps and websites are in actually looking to buy a home.

Videos are also popular among house-hunters, according to attendees of the conference, with one Beverly Hills-based agent noting that almost three-quarters of buyers watch videos, but only 4 per cent of agents film them.