Demi Lovato’s home declared unsafe after Laurel Canyon landslide

Demi Lovato’s home has reportedly been declared unsafe after a dramatic landslide in her resident area of Laurel Canyon.

The Los Angeles neighbourhood is studded with impressive mansions, but that impressive vista was slightly tarnished this week, after a landslide saw dirt pour into the luxurious real estate. The landslide took out one backyard and sent mud into the front yards of two other houses lower down the hail, reports the Los Angeles Daily New. No one was hurt, the Fire Department confirmed.

Demi Lovato, though, has seen her house red-tagged, according to TMZ, which means that officials have declared it unsafe to live in.

The four-bedroom home, which spans 5,546 square feet, is an impresssive sight, with its views over the City of Angels, its living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and its media lounge with wet bar and vaulted ceilin. With the deluge of mud fresh in the air, though, properties were evacuated and remain unoccupied until the threat of damage can be properly assessed, not to mention the possibility that it could slide down off a cliff, after a nearby property saw part of its foundation fall fown hill.

The Grammy nominee, though, does not have to worry too much: according to TMZ, she has not even moved in to the $8.3 million pad yet.

Bjork bags $2.2m for New York home

Bjork has sold her New York home for $2.2 million, bagging hundreds of thousands of pounds profit in the process.

The Iceland pop sensation first picked up her home back in 2002 for the not inconsiderate sum of $1.4 million, before listing it for sale seven years later for $1.8 million. The home was also made available for lease at $7,000 per month. What followed was a period of listing and unlisting the 3,000-square-foot property, as the singer struggled to find a buyer for the four-bedroom pad.

Built back in George Washington’s time and rebuilt in the 1920s, the property eventually did find a seller, reports Variety, with sources telling the trade publication that the home, located in the enclave of Snedens Landing, just over the Hudson River from Manhattan, had quietly sold for $2.2 million – down from the $3.2 million asking price set in 2015 but over half a million up from its original price.

The singer is not without a home, though: Bjork still owns a four-bed penthouse in Brooklyn Heights, after buying out the half of the property once owned by her former partner, Matthew Barney.


Jason Segel’s former Hollywood Hills house for sale

Jason Segel’s former Hollywood Hills house is now for sale. The studio, which boasts no fewer than nine bedrooms in total, spread across two homes and a studio, and a cumulative eight bathrooms. The Muppet reboot star purchased the 1925 property back in 2010 for $1.89 million, before selling it on five years later for $6.9 million, giving the comedian more than enough to smile about. The price now? A much higher $10.5 million – perhaps worth it, if you’re hoping for a impressive backdrop to tell your kids how you met their mother.