Do you have a bad holiday gene?

The report from TravelSupermarket shows that it’s no longer just eye and hair colour that parents are passing on to their children: holiday destinations are inherited too, with nearly 50% of UK adults surveyed returning to the holiday destinations of their childhood.

Fond memories of childhood days in the sun, along with the current tough economic times, mean that parents are looking to ensure they get both quality family time and value for money from their summer holidays. The situation has given rise to the ‘inherited holiday,’ with countries revisited so that parents know they will enjoy themselves (40% of respondents) and so that their children can have the same experiences as they had in their formative years (39%).

  The inherited holiday trend is on the increase, with 27% of those surveyed having been on one in the past two years.

For Marc Pritchard, Sales Manager of Taylor Wimpey España, Mallorca was the destination of some of his favourite childhood holidays. Having caught the love for the island from his parents, Marc took the inherited holiday one step further and, as an adult, moved to Mallorca and, eventually, helped others to build homes there too.

He has now lived there for some 20 years, bringing his own children up on the island.

Marc comments:   “I have some wonderful memories of holidaying in Mallorca as a child. My parents instilled a love for the place in me at an early age and it is fabulous to now be able to live somewhere that is so close to my heart. The fact that through my work I am able to help others to build their own family memories here is an added bonus.”

Italian-based Appassionata is also a part of the inherited holiday trend, though – like Marc – they have taken a novel approach to it. The family-run company moved to Italy’s Le Marche region in 2007, where they bought a derelict farmhouse to restore. After years of hard work, the estate now includes two luxury home, as well as olive groves, vineyards, a lavender plantation and a truffle orchard.

“Casa Giacomo and Casa Leopardi have been designed as a ‘home from home’ for the owners, so they can relax and enjoy spending time with their families as soon as they arrive.

“The inherited holiday idea plays a key part in our fractional ownership offer. Over 90% of our buyers have mentioned that their intention is to pass their share on to their children, meaning their families will inherit the property and not just the holiday destination.”