Does Simon Cowell’s new house have the X Factor?

    We totally trust Simon Cowell's sharp eye for picking the best and his even-sharper tongue for dismissing anything short of it, so are paying close attention to the house that sources say he recently bought in Beverly Hills' Trousdale Estates. It wasn't an active listing, but sources say he paid about $13.5 million for the 7,265-square-foot home. The home was last on the market in 2004.

    Sources say that Mr. Nasty purchased it quite by accident. He was looking at various high-end rentals and was shown this four-bedroom property in the exclusive neighborhood. Cowell, who doesn't mince words when judging "American Idol" contestants, saw this place and made an offer. It's good to know what you like, even better when you can afford it. Cowell's net worth was put at almost $200 million by The Sunday Times of London. It may sound like a lot of money for someone whose bark is (hopefully) worse than his bite, but how many times has he had to listen to "I Think I Can Fly" sung off-key to get there?

    We're not sure Cowell's Fox spin-off, "The X Factor," will reach his stated goal of 20 million viewers — actually he's already backed away from that target — but we're thinking he can afford to add this new house to the real estate arsenal, no sweat.

    As for the house, while it might not have made our list of 16 final contestants, we, unlike Cowell, understand that taste is subjective and are quite relieved that no one had to cry and phone home.