Don’t book your holiday on these days

As half-term arrives, families around the UK will be looking for quick getaway trips to find some winter sun.

But booking flights during peak periods can prove costly, as many families find out the hard way during the summer break. Flight comparison website Flight Centre has analysed flight data for the coming year to determine the 10 most expensive days for booking flights – so that you can make sure to avoid them.

Christmas may be an obvious busy season, but when are the other times of year you shouldn’t take to the skies?

12th February

The last Friday before half-term spells ski holidays for many as kids can join their parents on the slopes between school studies.

24th March

Easter arrives early this year, which can throw your holiday routine out without you noticing the price difference. Avoid the Thursday before the long Easter Weekend, as people will be jostling for flights ahead of Good Friday – and more competition means higher prices for airlines.

13th April

Chinese New Year has been and gone, but Thailand’s New Year is celebrated on this date, which makes it one to avoid, if you fancy a vacation in Bangkok or have a home to visit in Phuket.

27th May

Another long weekend, this post-Easter Bank Holiday is the last before August, making it a sought-after date for travelling to or from the Mediterranean.

11th June

It may not be summer yet, but it is the opening game for England in Euro 2016, which means flights to France will be in-demand. (Watch out for other key dates during the tournament, including final day 10th July.)

1st July

Summer is finally here, as school is out – and traffic to the nearest airport is up. The window of peak pricing is expanding into June, as people increasingly seek the cheapest possible date. The only way to beat the budget-busting fares? Book in advance and be as flexible as possible.

12th October

Half-term comes once again, providing a much-needed break from work and school for families. The weather may be cold, but prices will be hot.

6th / 24th November

New York is the destination of the month, thanks to the city’s famous marathon and, at the end of the month, the iconic Thanksgiving parade.

22nd December

Christmas is all around – and so are passengers racing to get home before the big weekend. Much like summer, there is little that can be done, apart from gritting your teeth and getting your ticket sorted early.

“The price difference between just a few days in the calendar can mean savings of hundreds of pounds per person,” Justin Penny, head of aviation at the firm, tells The Telegraph. If in doubt? Book as far in advance as you can.