Dutch agent builds rollercoaster to sell home

What is the secret to selling your house? In the Netherlands, the answer may be to build a roller coaster. That is what one intrepid estate agent has done in an attempt to make the viewing process more exciting.

The home, located at 12 Schoolweg in Ermel, may not be able to stand still to admire a room, but they certainly get a memorable experience, as a custom-built ride ferries them around the building, through the kitchen and up the stairs. All the while, a voiceover describes the home to them.

Quick, fun and unique, it is arguably the most effective way to draw attention to your property. Indeed, the video has already attracted more than a quarter of a million views on YouTube since it was uploaded.

The stunt is part of an advertising campaign for Abn-Amro’s Huizenpromoter (House Promoter), so do not expect the craze to catch on. But in terms of generating awareness, you cannot fault the ingenuity on display.