European commercial property recovery continues

European investment volumes increased in the third quarter of 2011 to €28.8 billion with a rise in international buyers to a market share of over 40%, its highest for two years, a new report shows.

Despite the deepening of the debt crisis and the fragile mood of the wider economy, European property investment markets saw trading volumes rise, the latest research from Cushman & Wakefield reveals, up 5% on the previous quarter and a 12.3% rise year to date.

Although momentum has slowed values are stable and the market is holding up well, especially when compared with other asset classes, according to Michael Rhydderch, head of the European Capital Markets Group at Cushman & Wakefield.

‘If anything, property has a growing level of appeal to many buyers in today's environment,’ he said, adding that risk, or rather risk avoidance, is a key factor and not just in deciding what markets and sectors investors will go to, but also how quickly they will act and how they will finance a deal.

Source: Property Wire