Expert: Morocco a ‘safe destination’ for property investors

If you're considering investing in property abroad, experts recommend Morocco. According to Nik Kapur of, it is the most stable of the North African countries, making it the safest investment destination of the growing region.

Its economy continues to show year-on-year growth and the Moroccan banking system is resilient with a lot of liquidity.This is resulting in more sales and an increasing demand for property.

"The safe buying process also makes it a good destination for investment," Mr Kapur said.

But where to invest? The obvious choice is the lively capital, Marrakech. It is the most established tourist destination in the country, and has seen increased demand from both local and overseas investors.

"This gives a good opportunity for both rental income and capital growth," Mr Kapur noted.

Local banks now offer 70 per cent mortgages for international buyers, and locals can enjoy an even more favourable deal. Also, a new terminal is set to open at Marrakech Airport, which will boost visitor numbers.

 Source: FXCompared