Facebook Property Advertising: Youth vs. experience?

Young users are as important as older investors, reveals new research from Lead Galaxy.

With more than 1 billion people using it every day, Facebook is the biggest source of fresh international property and investment leads for Lead Galaxy clients. The lead generation experts specialise in digital advertising for agents and developers around the world, serving over 14 million adverts on Facebook last month alone.

The social network’s profile-based system means that it is possible to target leads precisely, by country, interest and age. Lead Galaxy’s analysis of advert responses, however, reveals a surprising statistic: young users are just as important as older investors.

More experienced audiences are often considered the best to target, but the affluent youth can be equally valuable to your business. Comparing data from hundreds of Facebook marketing campaigns that have been served to over 25 million users, Lead Galaxy found that younger age groups are less likely to click on adverts, but have much stronger conversion rates than older age groups.

Reach young investors on the move

On mobile devices, targeting young groups is most effective. When targeting Facebook users through iOS and Android apps, those aged 18 to 24 boast the highest conversion rate, ahead of all other age groups.

Old investors worth the expense

On desktops, older investors have a higher conversion rate than younger users. Experience comes with a price, however: the cost of acquisition rises sharply among investors aged 55 and over, across both desktop and mobile devices. On desktops, those aged 65+ are most likely to click adverts, but are also less likely to enquire than younger groups.

Middle-aged = maximum value

Middle-aged investors offer the best value for property advertising, concludes Lead Galaxy. Those aged 35 to 44 consistently prove the most responsive to adverts on Facebook. This is especially true for desktop users, who convert at a rate of 3.1%.

“To attract or to filter audiences is the question facing every property advertiser,” explains Lead Galaxy CEO Dan Johnson. “Interest in your advert doesn’t equal action and a high number of clicks does not guarantee high volumes of leads.

“Facebook advertising with Lead Galaxy lets you target specific markets at an unrivalled level, so you can reach the ones that are right for your product and budget. Whether it is older investors logging onto Facebook in the office, or affluent younger buyers on their mobiles, Lead Galaxy can help target the best blend of youth of experience for you.”