Fancy a luxury yacht?

One of two Australian-built luxury yachts based in French Polynesia has been offered for sale at £22.5 million, Tahiti Tourisme's weekly news bulletin reported…

The Tia Moana and her sister yacht Tu Moana, both carrying up to 50 passengers, were operated by Bora Bora Cruises on cruises and charters around the islands of French Polynesia.

The company recently was placed in receivership by the Papeete Mixed Commerce Tribunal and has since been renamed Nomade Yachting Bora Bora.

All scheduled cruises for Tia Moana have been cancelled, according to a company advisor, Patrick Picard-Robson, quoted in a French-language newspaper in Tahiti.

He said a drop in tourist numbers had made operation of the yachts unprofitable.

Tu Moana would be available for private charters from April 2010 after completion of renovation work in dry-dock, he said.

The yacht's new cabin layout would include an "owner's suite" of 100sq-m, six VIP suites and eight double cabins with a maximum capacity of 30 passengers.

Sale of Tia Moana was listed on the website of a leading world yachting company, Moinaco-based Edmiston & Company.

The two cruising yachts were built in Western Australia in 2003 by Austal Ships Oceanfast.

Both have five decks and spa services, are 69m long, up to 13.8m wide and have a draught of 2.3m.

They had offered weekly cruises from their Bora Bora base to the islands of Huahine, Raiarea and Le Taha'a.

Source: AAP