FCO warns against travel to Egypt


Photo: WomEOS

Four people were killed in the bombing on Sunday 16th February 2014, while another 13 were injured.

The tourist bus in Taba was full of members from a South Korean church who were on a 12-day trip through Turkey, Egypt and Israel reports The Guardian .

The FCO has since updates its advice on travelling to the country, recommending the cancellation of “all but essential” visits to South Sinai and not to travel to North Sinai.

Earlier this year, the FCO warned that for approximately 2 months from February 2014 there will be several anniversaries in Egypt which are expected to prompt protests, some of which could turn violent.

“We believe that terrorists continue to plan attacks,” warns the FCO’s advice.
“Attacks could be indiscriminate and occur without prior warning. Terrorists could target protestors and the Egyptian authorities. Attacks have mainly been aimed at the security forces, their facilities and other government buildings. You should take great care near these buildings.

“Attacks targeting foreigners can’t be ruled out.”

Trips to the Sharm el Sheikh resort are not currently affected by the warnings. Enhanced security measures are now in place to protect the resort areas, though, with Egyptian military situated in Sharm el Sheikh international airport, at check points around the perimeter of Sharm el Sheikh and throughout the South Sinai Governorate.

Routine security checks are being performed on entry into the airport and the police are carrying out vehicle checks in Sharm el-Sheikh.

If there are any questions about upcoming trips, or to cancel planned vacations, tourists are advised to contact either their travel agent or airline and hotel directly. For up to date advice, visit http://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/egypt.