Five new waterfront home sites for Belize eco-development

A rare eco real estate opportunity in Belize, called Cyan Belize, is being created for a handful of neighbours to enjoy and build affordable eco-friendly waterfront homes…

The unique project, designed as a place to live and commune with nature, is also focused on the protection of the Antillean Manatee, of which less than 1000 remain. In order to make a small impact, Cyan Belize, a 200-acre-plus peninsula, is divided into 22 large estates ranging in size from 4 to 33 acres, including five previously unavailable lots. Waterfront ranges from 500 to 1600 feet per lot, and prices start at just $101,750.

"The idea behind Cyan Belize was to create a waterfront community that isn't over-developed –or parceled out into crowded, tiny spaces," says Carl Churan, the envisioner for the project. "We ask that buyers build environmentally friendly homes that leave the smallest footprints possible."

Cyan Belize is located 64 miles south of Belize International Airport by road and 30 minutes by boat. (The airport has direct flights available to several American cities via major airlines.)

The eco-development rests on the edge of a manatee preserve, about 4 miles from the Caribbean coast by boat using Manatee Bar River. It is 20 minutes by boat from Cyan Belize to the barrier reef, the second largest of its kind in the world and a major scuba diving destination.

Rainforest Realty, rated the best real estate agency in Belize by the Americas Property Awards, is the exclusive representative of the property. "Cyan Belize offers compelling, attainable options for those buyers who are considering retirement, a second home or feel drawn to live in the beauty that the Caribbean offers," says Rainforest Realty owner and professional Realtor® Macarena Rose. "There is no other eco real estate or waterfront value like this in all of Belize."

Source: PR Web