Five of France’s most mouth-watering property destinations


When people are considering moving to France, they usually have several reasons: the weather, the lifestyle, the landscape, the wine. But one thing France has always done well is food.

For house hunters with a sweet tooth or an eye for a scrummy bargain, here are five tasty property destinations in France.


Located in the South of France, Narbonne is a city close to the Mediterranean coast. Its scorching hot summers and mild winters attract expats and tourists alike, thanks to the nearby Narbonne Plage beach resort, while the fresh Mediterranean cuisine only makes the thought of buying property there even more mouth-watering.

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Located in the region of Langedoc-Roussillon, Aude is a beautiful area with a diverse landscape that ranges from mountains and lakes to Mediterranean coastline. The ground in the area is soft and fertile, making it perfect for investors in search of vineyards for sale. Speciality cuisine, such as oysters, cassoulet and olive oil, make investing in Aude's real estate market even tastier.

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Bordering Switzerland and Italy, Haute-Savoie is famous for its winter sports. Home to Chamonix, where the first ever Winter Olympic Games were held, Haute-Savoie's ski resorts are legendary, bringing in an avalanche of tourists, sports fans and investors alike.

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Capital of the Côte-d'Or department, Dijon is renowned around the world for its gastronomy, particularly its Dijon mustard. Its location within the Burgundy ensures that it is also a hub for wine growing, while a thriving cultural scene ensures that appetite for holiday homes in the town.

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The department of Vendée is named after the river that runs through it, but the main draw for overseas buyers is the coastline. Stretching for over 100 miles, several of the area's beaches have earned blue flags for their spotless appearance. Combined with Vendée's unique menu of brioche and duck, the result is a property market that caters to all tastes.

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