Five picturesque Algarve property destinations

Beaches. Sun. Sea. There's a reason why so many people flock straight to the Algarve when looking for a holiday home in Portugal. Indeed, the odds are they've already vacationed there before. But while you can be sure that the southern region of the country is almost universally beautiful, it still pays to compare the most popular hotspots to decide which is best for you.

To help whittle down your holiday home locations, continues to profile the top places to buy property abroad. Here are five picturesque Algarve property destinations:


São Brás de Alportel

With its low skyline and traditional white houses, São Brás de Alportel is as picturesque as the Algarve gets: narrow cobblestone streets, old churches, new villas, and, of course, just a short distance from the coast and some world-class golf courses.

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Vila Real de Santo Antonio

Located on the Rio Guadiana, the river that separates the Algarve and Spain, Vila Real de Santo Antonio is a quiet, quaint town. From its marina to the hilly landscapes alongside the river, it is ideal for those seeking a relaxing holiday home with space for walking, cycling and lounging on the pristine beaches.

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Manta Rota

Located within the Vila Real de Santo Antonio area, Mantra Rota is a tiny coastal town but don't let its size fool you: its location on the Atlantic Ocean and huge stretches of sandy beaches have turned it into a popular tourist destination. The nearby Ria Formosa Natural Park also promises stunning views.

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The Algarve isn't always associated with mountains, but nestled in the peaks is the spa region of Monchique. Green hills, blue skies and hot waters with curative powers make for a healthy, calming getaway among jaw-dropping cliffs and falls. It's a far cry from the usual coastline, but the Algarve doesn't get much more beautiful.

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Located right next to Portimão, Ferragudo is often overlooked in favour of its larger neighbour, but flawless beaches such as Praia Grande make sure its name is just as well known to discerning tourists. Coves, caverns, cliffs and the best climate in Europe? Property in Ferragudo is not to be overlooked lightly.

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