Flights blitz for Italy should see property demand rise

Airlines across Europe are bumping up their services to Italy this summer, reflecting the continuing increase in tourist demand for this relatively inexpensive and picturesque destination.

Local carrier Air Italy has begun a weekly service between Rome and the Armenian capital of Yerevan, while Ryanair has launched two new routes within the country over the last few weeks. The low-cost airline will now fly four times weekly to the port city of Bari and two times a week to Pescara, in the Abruzzo region on the country's east coast.

Earlier this year it was reported that Italy's comparatively lower costs were making it a particular hub for the low-cost carriers, particularly Ryanair, which has had public feuds with airport operators in its other two bases of Ireland and Spain over increasing expenses. The airline also reported its strongest two destinations in terms of flight demand last year were Italy and Spain, and with troubles particularly in regard to Ryanair's presence in the new Alicante terminal, it looks as though the airline could be fixing to make Italy a new permanent home.

Already popular within western Europe for its fabulous culinary culture and picturesque scenery, combined with relatively low living costs, the new flights, in addition to the extra service from Istanbul launched by Turkish Airlines last week, should continue to open up regional Italy to new markets. This is good news for property owners, particularly on the further southern and northern reaches of the country which have traditionally been more difficult and expensive to access than central, tourist-friendly destinations like Rome and Florence. Calabria, which experienced a 16.2% increase in passenger arrivals at its international airport last year, is a particular one to watch, as well as a prime example of how tourism can shoot up once a low-cost airline like Ryanair becomes involved in regional areas.

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