Footie fans on target to spend £322m at Euro 2016

British football fans will spend a ball-istic £322million in France during the Euros, according to Halifax.

With 500,000 England, Wales and Northern Ireland fans descending upon the country at some point during the month-long tournament, they could be netting a whopping £321.8 million boost to the host country.

According to Halifax, those estimated 250,000 supporters with a ticket for a game will each spend approximately £650 on average, when taking into consideration the cost of travel, accommodation (a two-night stay), food, drink and other costs.

Just looking to soak up the atmosphere at a nearby bar or official fan zones will set football fans back in excess of £460 each, or even more if they manage to buy a ticket once they’ve arrived in the host nation.

Darren Tong, Head of Halifax Current Accounts said: “The Euros are undoubtedly one of the biggest tournaments in the football calendar, and being so close to home this year, it’s no surprise that we can expect around half a million fans to make the short hop across the channel.

“For those making the pilgrimage, setting a daily allowance and planning how you intend to pay for items while you are there are key tactics to keep on top of the cash. It’s likely that fans will pay a premium for food, drink and souvenirs in and around the stadiums, so if you’re not on a European Championship player’s earnings, then it’s worth thinking of the easiest ways to save you and your team a bit of cash.”

Indeed, to put the spending into context, that £321.8 million would be enough to score superstar players Gareth Bale (£85m), Christiano Ronaldo (£80m), Kevin de Breyune (£54m), Raheem Sterling (£49m) and Mesut Ozil (£42.1m) – and still have loose change at the end. Alternatively, it could be enough to buy Premier League Champions Leicester City 10 times over. Or, to put it in real terms, Euro 2016 spending from these groups will be the equivalent of 10 per cent of the total annual spend by British tourists in France.