For sale: Nuclear bunker in Nottingham

“Nottingham” and “nuclear bunker” might not be words you usually hear in the same sentence, but one is going under the hammer next month.

The bunker is not visible from the ground. In fact, to the casual observer, that is what they could purchase from Savills at an auction on Thursday 26th March: a plot of land that spans six and a half acres.

Underneath the harmless Nottinghamshire fields, though, lies a secret bunker.The shelter is located down a deep access shaft and includes a toilet alongside the main room, with living space of 120 square feet.

Four metres below the Burton Joyce ground, the building was once a monitoring post for the Royal Observer Corps. Indeed, there are still objects left over from its former fuction sitting on the surfaces. Savills Nottingham, though, insists that these mementoes should not govern its future usage.

“While the six and a half acres of land are a key attraction, the bunker could be utilised for a number of things, subject to any planning consents required,” Richard Gadd, from the auctioneers, tells the Guardian .

Indeed, the bunker could be turned into storage space, a wine cellar or, of course, a bunker to protect its inhabitants from the Nottingham nuclear apocalypse.

The asking price to save yourself from World War III within the NG14 postcode? £75,000.