Got the balls to live on Minge Lane? You could save £84k

The survey by asked 2,000 mature British adults to vote on the streets with the most embarrassing names, ranking Minge Lane in Worcestershire as the rudest.

60 per cent of Brits admitted they would be put off living on a street if it had an embarrassing name, but 40 per cent said they were not concerned about how others would react to hearing their address.

But before you kick Crotch Crescent or slag off Fanny Hands Lane, the research also found that those willing to live on an embarrassing street could save a significant chunk on their purchase price.

The top 15 most embarrassing street names, according to Need a Property’s survey, are:

1. Minge Lane – Worcestershire
2. Slag Lane – Lancashire
3. Fanny Hands Lane – Lincolnshire
4. Bell End – West Midlands
5. Crotch Crescent – Oxfordshire
6. The Knob – Northamptonshire
7. Turkey Cock Lane – Essex
8. Cockshoot Close – Oxfordshire
9. Cumming Street – London
10. Cock A-Dobby – Berkshire
11. Cock Lane – London
12. Clitterhouse Road – London
13. Cock and Bell lane – Suffolk
14. Beaver Close – Surrey
15. Cold Blow Lane – London

But before you rush to the estate agents, be warned: you may not be the only one with an appointment on Slag Lane this weekend.